Dear Aikman Award Contestants:

Thank you so much for your courage and creativity in entering this contest.  So many of your original articles were really arresting and of course for 15 of you there was the opportunity to write a full book proposal.

The final 15 entries have all been assessed, by 8 judges in total.  The two judges who looked at the final four entries did not believe that any single one of them was worthy of the outright winner’s prize of $20,000 (as they had the right to do under the contest rules and regulations).  We do want to communicate to you that this is not a decision they arrived at lightly. Considerable time, effort, and prayer were put into these deliberations over the past two months, by all 8 judges. At The Aikman Award, however, we felt that the four best writers in the contest, according to the final two judges, should be given an encouragement award of $1,500 to spur them on in their writing journey. These top four writers are, in alphabetical order:
Dustin Benac, Brandon Clements, Catherine Murphy, and Molly Phillips.

Even though it is not possible to do the same for all of you, I personally want to thank you for the enterprise and godly forethought in entering this contest.  I urge you to continue your writing efforts and not give up on seeking outlets for your talents in other competitions or in serious publishing efforts.

Sincerely, and in Christian love,
David Aikman

Cosponsored by Patrick Henry College

Patrick Henry College

Nothing is more moving than evidence of God's presence in ordinary human lives. And nothing conveys that evidence more effectively than stories. Patrick Henry College is delighted to cosponsor the Aikman Award Writer's Contest as a way of fostering this incredibly effective vehicle for truth.
Graham Walker, Ph.D., President, Patrick Henry College
It is said that the universe is made of stories, not atoms. The Bible begins and ends with story and humankind has told and retold its timeless tales of remarkable men and women of faith throughout every age of unfolding history, adding its own heroes of faith. The Aikman Award provides extraordinary encouragement to young Christian writers to use their talents in witness to lives today challenged and transformed by the love of Jesus.
Myrna Grant, Author of Vanya / Judge for The Aikman Opportunity Award
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